SEO Is divided into two Optimizations. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

On-Page optimization Vs. Off-page optimization which one is ON-Page Optimization means the work which can be on the pages of the website itself. And Off page is the work that will be done outside of the website. While includes link-Building.SEO is really important on any website so as to drive much traffic than the regular one’s. So suing of SEO isn’t a bad idea anyways but let’s looks at the different things offered by Both On and off page SEO. For both of this you need to have s it with good Content but not Spam content.

On-page and Off-page SEO factors 

On Page seo Optimization

Always start with keyword selection and research on it for better options. It includes the addition of Meta-Description Tags which describes the real function and niche of the Blog/site you work on. The Meta Description must be a Qualified. Most of the SEO’S today believe on internal linking strategy which is really good, and delivers huge amounts of traffic through this method.

Points to remember

When qualifying for this Optimization, you need to have good content and quality but never depend on the length of the Post you make, because in Optimization, it is Quality which matters not quantity. You need make the keyword density. The site Map generated must be good and XML structure of the Page and user Facing. Results
Tracking the targeted Keyword is the important. Through this method you may expect results within 3-6 Months but now-a-days it’s been done quickly.

What should be followed?

Common on Page mistakes are Duplicate content is never worthy. It results into losses and Duplicate title tags.

What should be avoided?

Avoiding Spammy SEO tricks such as hidden texts and lines. Repetition of the keyword and mirror Pages.By avoiding these small things you may build good ON –PAGE Optimization.

Off-Page seo Optimization

Off page SEO what can be done off the pages of any website to increase its keyword increases and increases in search results by building outside links and many other stuffs.

Points to remember?

You must always select a preferred keyword and start its searching. You must also get back Links or do follow Links from other sites which have good Page ranks and high authority. Using the deep linking method is also useful but not necessary. Using relevant keyword is a good factor.

What should be followed?

Getting links from sites with variety of Page Ranks. Through this method results are expected within 1- 8 months. What should be avoided? Avoiding Duplicate keywords in ads, site-wide links, and Using On page SEO expert to do Off Page SEO work. Never use inbound links with more than 100 links or less. Limit it to less.

Off-page SEO 

Which one is better?

Much as one-page SEO is very important I will take off-page SEO as more important because while off-page SEO gets you there, On-page SEO keeps you there. I have seen sites disobey SEO laws and yet rank high in search engines. So overall we would really suggest to do more focus on On-Page SEO but never neglect Off-Page SEO. Using these two SEO Optimization techniques you can get faster and huge traffics.

article written by : Inzamam Pasha founder at geekeism

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